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fabric cable rewiring

The time is now! Re-invent, Re-use, re-wire. Life is beautiful and so are our fabric cables!

Thinking of doing a bit of restyling at home or at the office? Why not start by reinventing a few simple things such as the colour and texture of you electrical cables?

Hang some lights from the ceiling exposing the beautiful cord instead of concealing it.

How about rewiring that old vintage lamp that has been sitting in your attic for the last 15 years changing its look with one of our colourful fabric cables? We can help you make that happen. Simply send us a clear picture of your lamp and we´ll send you a quote.

Wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful extension instead of an ugly one? Have a look at our 3 core extension collection made with colourful fabric cables. Available soon in 2 and 5 meter lengths. If you would like a specific length please let us know. We might be able to help you. Life is beautiful and so are our fabric cables!

rewire old lamps